About Us

Recording live from Tomato Kick, a bar located in Katipunan, Metro Manila. The Stereo File is a podcast created by three friends, (with very different insights on every) who decided that the underground music and arts scene of Metro Manila needed more focus. In light of this, they decided that they would feature a wide array of artists, musicians and whoever contributes to the underground arts scene of the Metro in hopes of promoting and bringing to the mainstream, the best content as well as the under-exposed and under-appreciated side of the Manila arts Scene.

This podcast aims to be the main figure in delivering the news, and also best talents across the globe including bloggers, photographers, bands, artists and any other figure. The Stereo File aims to epitomize the underground scene of the Metro with hilarity, engaging conversation but most of all, the good stuff. And show the world, what true, world-class talent there is that goes consistently under the radar.

Content that you can only find here on the Stereo File is never dull, unique and always aims to inform and entertain you unlike anywhere else. We have a standard here at The Stereo File, where we bring you only world class local music straight to you from the underground.

A little crass but always with class. And never distasteful.
Stop stereo-typing and start Stereo-Filing.


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