The Stereo File Ep. 4 – ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE



This week on The Stereo File:


The Stereo File goes ZOMBEHH and talks about what we’d do in the event of a zombie apocalypse! What about you?

And this week on

 Audio Audacity


With their cover of Adele’s – “Rolling in the Deep”

and we review Young the Giant’s new album as well as their single called
“My Body”


Twitter and Facebook could be good for work?

…and much much more

On the Stereo File Update:

We catch up on our friends:

Oneiros’ new cover
FML Cheesecake’s menu
And more awesome pictures by Ira Giorgetti.


What us athletes can do to heal sprains/strains much quicker!

Nerdy, Dirty, Cool

A new kind of fuel that’s got scientists literally scrambling,

The DEVI theory may be your key to sexual satisfaction,


Babies in the womb can hear more than you think!

Weekly blogger:

This week we introduce a new segment,

Get PSYCH’ed out with Khush
who tells us about —

Dissociative Identity Disorder.. say what?!

Want to know more?

Download and listen HERE.

The Stereo File.

Flint. Bianca. Khush.

Stop stereotyping and start stereo-filing.


About thestereofile

Recording live from Tomato Kick, Katipunan; Flint, Khush and Bianca take you on a ride through the world and brings into collective, all the different forms of pop culture, society, news and the arts. The Stereo File aims to be the biggest melting pot for every platform of culture and lifestyle!

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