The Stereo File Ep. 3! – Dirtier than Usual

Episode 3 of TSF is out and available for download!

Movie cliches explained,

Belo’s new hooha tightening machine,

Today we ask the question:

When does chivalry turn into chauvinism?


What would you give up? Smoking, drinking, or…

To find out the third vice AND more importantly, what our answers were,

Audio Audacity:

Under the spotlight this week, TWIN LOBSTER

with a couple of their awesome songs.

Check them out HERE

and over HERE

Download and listen HERE.

Stay tuned in next week where we talk about

The Stereo File.

Flint. Bianca. Khush.

Stop stereotyping and start stereofiling.


About thestereofile

Recording live from Tomato Kick, Katipunan; Flint, Khush and Bianca take you on a ride through the world and brings into collective, all the different forms of pop culture, society, news and the arts. The Stereo File aims to be the biggest melting pot for every platform of culture and lifestyle!

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